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11/29/08 03:29 am - the revenge of the return of chris. 2.

Read through some of my earlier posts. Damn, I flip flop from emo to partially/fully insane.

I like the latter.


2/25/08 09:52 pm

This semester sucks. Sucks gay hot dogs*.

*No, I don't actually think hot dogs can be gay.

2/13/08 12:36 am - Randomness Eye

An Entry from the Dictionary That Does Not Make Sense for People Who Do Not Care:

Quarrel (kwar' ul)
(v.) To question with barrels. "They quarreled."

1/1/08 05:15 pm

We lost.

*goes back to playing Mass Effect*

12/29/07 09:26 pm

Now I want: HDTV/HD Projector

12/26/07 09:20 pm - The obligatory List-o-Stuff

A ornament made of clay
A Chinese Yo-yo
Two little plastic puzzle things
A flashlight for my phone
A pen. A Christmas pen
A hat flashlight (yes, really)
Precision screwdrivers
A noisemaker
A helicopter ... toy
A UF Gator coin bank
A dragon thingy
An angel from Alaska
A 5-quart crockpot/slow cooker
300 on DVD
A new (and surprisingly heavy) desk chair
A bean bag chair that's 2x my size
----> Comes with a washable cover!
----> Oh so comfy. My dog likes it, too.
An Xbox controller (soon to be a 360 controller)
A marshmallow shooter (oh, I'm bringing two of them up)
$100 GameStop card
$40 GameStop card
$40 Sears card
$25 Barnes&Noble card
$25 Barnes&Noble card
$20 Bennigan's card
$25 Outback/Bonefish/Carraba's card

Delicious food, old friends, fun family...

...no Pez. Damn it!

12/25/07 01:39 am

Merry Christmas, everyone.

12/20/07 03:40 am - faljkvhnaoivnawkaefnabo;

I saw Nick and Donnie today. We saw I Am Legend, it wasn't too bad. Will Smith saved it, in my opinion. Afterwards we came home, had random discussions about college, food, economics, and then got into a discussion about a design Donnie had for a laptop thing based off of organic LEDs (coincidentally, Nick's projects are centered around LEDs), and we just bounced ideas off each other for an hour or so. About a completely random, wouldn't-this-be-cool, possibly feasible design.

Nobody up at UF that I know does that. I miss it, I realized. I don't have anyone to bounce completely insane ideas off of. Nobody up there that says, "Holy crap, that's awesome, we should do it." And then try it! How strange it is, that we have the know-how to do these things!

I need to find somebody like that.

10/9/07 01:48 am

I don't want to wake up in the morning.

9/26/07 02:25 am

The sky is amazingly clear tonight (really unbelievable, hasn't been like this in awhile). I even happened to glimpse a shooting star.
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